Friday, 15 March 2013

One mistake many dieters tend to make when trying to burn belly fat is that they simply cut back on food in hopes of beating the bulge. If you’re trying to lose your belly, starving yourself is not the way to do it; in fact, eating less food is actually going to sabotage your diet and make you retain fat, making you even fatter! The only way to prevent this is by eating certain foods, foods that burn belly fat!

That’s right, one of the best ways to lose belly fat and by far one of my most favorite things to do is to eat more food! Now this doesn’t mean you should be eating anything and everything, quite the opposite actually. In order to burn off your belly you need to be eating certain foods, foods that give your body that little metabolic kick it needs.
Most people assume that foods with fat burning properties simply don’t exist, like they’re some sort of made up weight loss myth. This couldn’t be further from the truth! These are the same people who are having a hard time figuring out how to lose belly fat.

5 Foods You Should Be Eating

There are no special recipes, formulas or even expensive diets required in order for you to find foods that burn fat; in fact, they’re everyday foods that you’re most likely ignoring or simply didn’t know were fat burning foods.

Lean Meats

If you’re trying to lose your midsection and aren’t including lean meats in your diet, you’re doing it wrong. Lean meats such as chicken breast and turkey breast are full of protein and low in fat. The great thing about lean meats is that they ignite a safe and healthy thermogenic effect causing our body temperature to increase, resulting in more calories being burned. The protein in these lean meats also provide your muscles with the necessary nutrients in order to grow, allowing your body to build lean muscle while burning belly fat.
Don’t eat meat? Not to worry! Tofu is a great substitute for vegetarians and vegans looking for foods that burn fat. Tofu provides some of the same great fat burning effects that lean meats provide.

Green Tea

If you’re trying to lose stomach fat, drinking green tea is a must. Not only is it delicious but it provides many benefits, one of which is burning fat. Much like eating lean meats, green tea puts your body into a thermogenic state, causing you to naturally burn fat. In order to benefit from green tea’s fat burning properties, it’s important to have at least 5 cups a day.
In order to make getting my daily 5 cups of green tea in, I prepare ahead. I usually make a large pitcher full, around 2 – 3 days worth, and carry a large water bottle full around with me throughout the day. Try making it a habit to drink green tea in the place of sodas, sports drinks and other carbonated or sugar filled beverages.

Whole Grain Carbs

When it comes to burning belly fat, people assume that carbs should completely be avoided; it’s true…to an extent. Believe it or not, there are actually good carbohydrates that aid in the belly fat burning process, these carbs are called complex carbohydrates. Complex carbohydrates work to increase your metabolism by keeping your body’s insulin levels low, which is great because insulin is what sends your body signals telling it to store fat.

Hot Peppers

Hate hot peppers? Well you better learn to love them because they provide some great fat burning qualities. Peppers such as jalapenos, habaneros and cayenne peppers consist of a chemical called capsaicin, the chemical that makes them so spicy!
Adding one of these peppers, shredded or dice up in a meal, could actually increase your metabolism rate by a staggering 25 percent!


Not only is salmon delicious, it’s considered as a fat burning superfood! With it’s low calorie count and abundance of omega-3 fatty acids, salmon is definitely one of those foods that you need to add to your diet pronto!
The omega-3 fatty acids within salmon works by stimulating the lepin in your body, a hormone that directly influences your metabolism rate.


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